The Program

Changing your life is not easy. We all need support, guidance and care during the journey.

Pindari House is here to give you hand up to hope, walking alongside you as you take the steps to transform your life.  


Pindari will provide you with the physical and mental support you need to make real change happen. We explore the roots of your addiction and provide you with the tools, insights and strategies needed to make lasting change. If you don’t understanding why you are struggling with addiction you will probably just put a bandaid on the issues and leave you vulnerable to falling back into old patterns and habits when life gets tough. You are making some big changes, so it is important to reshape and tackle these behaviours from the ground up.

As you find your feet along this path, we help you to establish a healthy structure and positive routines within your daily life. We help you to identify and cultivate your individual strengths, interests. At Pindari House we are able to provide you with the ideal environment for implementing these changes, so that you have the best chance for success.

As fellow residents you are encouraged and expected to support each other in this life-changing process. You are like-minded individuals determined for change, and this network of support will drive your recovery process. Rules and guidelines are in place to ensure growth and safety for you and your fellow residents, along with the safety of our staff and volunteers. 

RememberChange takes time, and we all need support to do what is needed to change and create a new life.

Our Requirements

YOU must apply directly to Pindari through a confidential phone call and interview process before being accepted into the program. This is so important because it shows us that you are ready to take initiative and action to turn around your life. Family and friends can want you to change, but life-changing transformation only happens when you take responsibility.

We have the following requirements for eligibility:

  • 5YOU must be a man (18+) affected by some sort of life-dominating issue such as drug or alcohol addiction, which may also include anxiety, depression or other related types of attitudes and negative behaviours.
  • 5YOU must be seeking help because YOU want to change, not just because someone else wants you to.
  • 5YOU must be committed to putting in the time and effort required to change yourself for the better. Change takes time, and quick fixes will not provide the solution you are looking for.

Our Recovery Focus Areas

Professional Counselling, Mentoring and Case Management

Formal counselling sessions and informal mentoring will be part of your program to support you in cultivating and establishing healthy habits and coping strategies. Pindari treats all people as individuals and endeavours to address your mental health issues and needs, based on ongoing assessment during your program journey.

There may be physical, psychological, spiritual, legal, financial, medical, educational, and/or employment-related issues that need to be addressed. We will do what we can to help you set goals, challenge you to reach them, and give you help and encouragement along the way.

We value and understand the importance of close connections with family and friends. Our goal is to encourage and help facilitate the mending of broken relationships. We know that relationships are a two-way street, and both sides must want to work o the relationship. We do what we can to provide an environment that helps to facilitate healingfrom the hurts of broken relationships. Our staff will provide ongoing oversight and mentoring to help you rebuild those relationships.

Life Skills, Education & Career Goals 

Pindari has a focus on building life skills that will help you to function better in society and help you develop a purpose and value in life. You have talents and abilities that you can offer within the workforce, we just need to uncover and cultivate those together!

To help prepare you for the workforce and cultivate valuable skills, you will:

  • 5Assess your current position, work history and skillset
  • 5Set smart and achievable goals that you feel motivated to work towards
  • 5Develop and broaden your employable skill set
  • 5Grow in your confidence and believe that you can be an asset in your work
  • 5Develop and improve your employable traits and attitudes to become a reliable employee
Work Therapy

Pindari also provides hands-on experience within the workforce. We know that being offered a job and holding down a position within the workforce requires more than a degree, apprenticeship or trade experience. Through Work Therapy, we focus on developing a strong work ethic and cultivating positive attitudes and traits that help you stand out as an asset to a team. In addition to this, we know how valuable it is to use our hands and stay active as part of the healing and growth process, so Work Therapy is also an excellent tool for creating a sense of achievement and self worth.

To assist in developing a positive work ethic, you will work on a number of different projects:

  • 5Work and maintenance on Pindari’s property. This includes general property upkeep, gardening work and property development projects.
  • 5Community service works.This includes gardening and landscape upkeep at many different community facilities, aged care facilities and other charity organisations.
Spiritual Insight And Understanding

Through the Pindari Program residents explore their identity, belonging and purpose. We are a Christian organisation and we believe that understanding of ourselves happens when we accept the Truth. ‘Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free’. While we openly share the hope and healing power of God’s grace, we do not require you to believe what we believe to complete the program.

To help cultivate growth and change, you will:

  • 5Engage in daily insight from 'Our Daily Bread' readings
  • 5Engage in group activities
  • 5Explore ways to resolve and manage problems and challenges

Other Activities

At Pindari, we also value the importance of recreational activities to create enjoyment and connections in your life. These include:

  • 5Exercise and Recreation: Pindari is equipped with table tennis, a pool table and gym equipment, as well as a basketball court. We also have recreational activities for Saturdays that include hiking, fishing and more.
  • 5Hobby Development: We have a workshop/shed that is equipped with a lathe for wood turning and other wood working, model making and other hands-on hobbies.
  • 5Special Team Building Programs: Throughout the year, Pindari organises camping and fishing trips, farm station stays and other team building activities.
  • 5Other Events: Pindari values family time, so we organise regular family events and outings. We also have a number of sponsorship and fundraising events throughout the year.