Our Approach

Pindari aims to provide a tailored approach that meets your specific needs.

The Program is designed to address the complex needs of individuals struggling with alcohol, drug addiction and life controlling issues. It aims to provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to rehabilitation, incorporating evidence-based practices from various therapeutic modalities. The curriculum consists of topics and worksheets that promote emotional healing, self-awareness, skill development and relapse prevention.

Orientation and Assessment

Once you are accepted into the Pindari Program, you will go through the orientation and assessment stage to ensure we have a broad understanding of your situation and needs. During this time we will focus on:

  • 5Introduction to the program and therapeutic goals
  • 5Orientation to the rehab centre and its policies
  • 5Comprehensive assessment of substance use history and mental healthrs

Our Therapeutic Modalities

  • 5Understanding addiction
  • 5Effects of drugs and alcohol on the body, mind, and relationships
  • 5Exploring the cycle of addiction and the stages of change
  • 5Introduction to coping skills and relapse prevention strategies
  • 5Identifying and challenging distorted thinking patterns
  • 5Developing effective communication and problem-solving skills
  • 5Managing cravings and triggers
  • 5Building resilience and self-esteem
Motivational Interviewing (M.I.)
  • 5Enhancing motivation and commitment to change
  • 5Exploring ambivalence and resistance
  • 5Empowering clients to set goals and make sustainable changes
  • 5Developing a personalised change plan
Mindfulness-Based Therapy
  • 5Cultivating present-moment awareness
  • 5Managing stress and emotional regulation
  • 5Mindful coping strategies for cravings and triggers
  • 5Promoting self-compassion and acceptance
Family and Relationship Therapy
  • 5Understanding the impact of addiction on family dynamics
  • 5Building healthy communication and boundaries
  • 5Family involvement in the recovery process
  • 5Healing and rebuilding relationships
Trauma-Informed Care
  • 5Recognizing and addressing underlying trauma
  • 5Providing a safe and supportive environment
  • 5Coping strategies for trauma-related triggers
  • 5Promoting post-traumatic growth
Work Therapy
  • 5Skill Development to help individuals develop marketable skills that can increase their chances of finding employment
  • 5Structure and routine to regain a sense of purpose, productivity, and normalcy
  • 5Therapeutic outlet for stress and emotional release
  • 5Social Integration interaction fosters social skills, teamwork, and a sense of belonging
  • 5Transition to employment
Relapse Prevention and Aftercare Planning
  • 5Identifying high-risk situations and warning signs
  • 5Developing a relapse prevention plan
  • 5Establishing a support network and utilizing community resources
  • 5Creating a comprehensive aftercare plan for ongoing recovery
Wellness and Self-Care
  • 5Nurturing physical, mental, and emotional well-being
  • 5Healthy lifestyle choices and habits
  • 5Stress reduction techniques
  • 5Building a fulfilling and balanced life in recovery

This therapy curriculum provides a structured and comprehensive framework for your recovery and reintegration back to healthy everyday life. It combines various therapeutic modalities to address the multifaceted aspects of addiction and recovery. Pindari endeavours to adapt and tailor this curriculum to meet the specific needs, cultural sensitivities, and available resources of the individual. Flexibility, individualization and ongoing evaluation are part of the implementation of the program to ensure the best possible outcomes on your journey towards lasting recovery.