How do I Apply?

Note: Pindari House does NOT take people straight from prison or as part of a bail program or early release program

Applying for the Pindari Program

The first step to applying for the Pindari Restoration Program is for you to call us. This can’t be a family member or friend calling on behalf of you, we need to see you take that first step towards action. Expressing that you need help is hard, but we ensure that all our conversations are confidential and free of judgement.

During this initial phone call you will speak with our experienced staff members who will ask questions about:

  • 5Your addiction
  • 5Any life controlling behaviours
  • 5Your current mental any physical health
  • 5Family and relationship situation
  • 5Legal matters and pending court appearances
  • 5Motives for seeking addiction recovery
  • 5The obstacles or concerns you are facing that are in the way of change

A note for family and friendsAre you a family member or friend of someone struggling with addiction? While you can’t apply for them, please use our website as a guide while having open and honest conversations with them as you encourage them to seek help through Pindari House.

The Application Process

Step 1: Call Pindari

The first step to applying for our program is to call us on 0427 386 381. YOU need to make contact as the applicant, no one can take this step for you. This phone call will be the where we do the initial part of assessing if Pindari House is the right place for you to get the help you need.

If we think Pindari could be the right the program for you, we will send you an application form.

Step 2: Fill out our Application Form

We will supply you with an application form. Once you submit this to us we can continue with your initial assessment.

As part of being accepted in to the program You will be required to:

  • 5Undergo a general physical assessment by a medical professional
  • 5Submit a current National Police Check

We understand that your Police Check will show any convictions you have. You can still be considered for our program as per our conditions of operation with the City of Armadale. However, a criminal record that is of a sexual nature or arson will not be eligible for the program.

Step 3: Final Stage Interview

Once your application has been assessed and you meet eligibility and suitability criteria, you will be invited for a face to face interview with the Pindari leadership team. This interview may include our team psychiatrist to assess any underlying or further mental health and other co-occurring illness concerns.

Step 4: Program Offer and Acceptance

After this final interview a decision will be made by the leadership team. A successful applicant will be offered a place in the program.

Additional Notes

While priority is given to applicants residing within the local government boundary of the City of Armadale, applications are open to all men who are serious about making positive change in their lives.

As a general rule, residents are required to detox off-site before entering the program. Our team can recommend options for you if you require detox support.