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Are you interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor for Pindari?

Pindari relies on the generous donations of individuals and businesses to continue its operations. We are deeply grateful for the ongoing support we receive year after year. Our goal is to establish sustainable operations with the help of professional and qualified staff, as well as dedicated and trained volunteers.

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Thank you for considering supporting Pindari.

By partnering with Pindari through our Corporate Sponsorship opportunities, your business can benefit from:

Increased brand awareness: Your brand will be associated with this community improvement project, broadening your reach and visibility.

Financial incentives: You can leverage potential tax incentives by supporting a charitable organisation.

Enhanced corporate reputation: You can promote your business’s commitment to social responsibility by partnering with Pindari.

We will include your business logo on Pindari’s website and any event materials, and we can arrange onsite photo opportunities for media purposes.

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*Would you like to become a Sponsor, but don’t see an Annual Sponsorship package that works for your business? You can become a Financial Partner by filling out this form. Alternatively, continue filling out our Sponsorship form, but select “I’d like to discuss sponsorship options“, and we will be in touch with you to discuss further.