About Pindari

Do you want to change your life? We are offering you a hand up to hope.

It takes courage to admit to ourselves and others that we are struggling. We have all had these moments. We know the feeling of wanting to run away from our weaknesses, instead of owning them and taking action to make real changes. We know what it feels like to fall down and get up, only to fall down again. Change can’t happen alone; we need support, guidance, compassion and accountability.

Pindari House is a drug and alcohol rehab centre here to be a support for you as you change your life. Now you just need to have the courage and determination to break free from the chains of addiction and tackle your life-controlling issues head on.

Pindari House empowers men struggling with addiction to understand themselves, challenge their old way of thinking and create new pathways that bring purpose, value and meaning to their lives.

We want to be a light in a world of darkness, allowing our Faith to create a foundation of healing and renewal in the lives of men struggling with addiction. Because of this, we aim to provide a safe place for you, so that you can have the courage to challenge the way you have been living, giving you the insight needed to make lasting change in your life.

The journey won’t be easy but it will be rewarding.

Our Core Values

Courage Braving the steps to make the change.

Hope Believing that change is possible.

Support Helping you on the path of change.

Growth Seeing the reward of life-long change.

About Pindari Ministries

Founded in 2015, Pindari provides a professional addiction treatment and rehabilitation program to men in Perth, Western Australia. Through Pindari House, our goal is to help men who are determined and ready to change break free from the chains of life-controlling issues.

While you need to do the hard work, we are committed to walking alongside you as you move forward towards recovery. We are here to guide and support you on that journey, teaching you the tools, self-discipline and commitment while encouraging you and providing accountability as you change your life.

We know you can break free from your struggles. It is possible, and we have seen it happen countless times. We are here to give you a hand up, as you discover your potential, create purpose in your life, and strive towards your goals.   

The Pindari Program has been developed and run in conjunction with professionals who specialise in addiction. Through the support of mental health professionals, we help you uncover and work through the reasons behind your addiction. We help you to create new ways of thinking, so that you can develop new healthy beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. Trauma often leads to unhealthy coping strategies, such as addiction, so our goal is to help you understand your past and reshape your thinking in order to break free from its power in your life!

Our program takes time, commitment and hard work to see results and find freedom from your struggle with addiction. It won’t be easy, but your reward will be worth the effort. 

Do you want a better life?

The meaning behind our name

Pindari is an Australian Indigenous word meaning - high ground, or high rock.

Pindari House is a place to go when the storms and floods of life surround you; a place of high ground, to change, to work and grow towards a better way of life.

About the Pindari House

Pindari House is located about 30km from the Perth CBD within the City of Armadale in Bedfordale, Western Australia. Pindari Ministries Inc. has been blessed by many individuals who share the vision to provide real change in men affected by life-dominating issues. Through financial support and fundraising of these generous supporters, we were able to purchase the property in 2015, and we are continually grateful to those who made this purchase possible. It is our privilege to partner with many people in our community who have shown willingness to support and further this important cause, allowing for real change in the lives of men and their families.

Our inviting bushland location provides refuge and safety for men as they take on the task of transforming their lives. Away from the trauma and challenges of their old life, Pindari House provides the environment for men to work through their challenges and to change their life.

Pindari is currently seeking WANDA accreditation and is currently working through the submission and assessment process.